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Paul Kinman:

Live and Studio Session Guitarist


Studio Sessions

Online Sessions

Paul is a session guitar player who has spent his fair share of time in the studio and on the road. He's known for his ability to perform skillfully within many different genres and in many different musical situations, and all the while making his top priorities creating a comfortable environment for the clients, and helping them make their record or performance sound as they have always wanted it to sound. These skills have helped him be fortunate enough to work with artists, engineers, and producers such as Robert L Smith (Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, David Gilmour, Glee), Eric McCormack (Will and Grace, Family Guy, American Dad), Loren Gold (The Who), Tyler Stewart (The Barenaked Ladies), Murray Foster (Great Big Sea), Blood Diamonds(Universal), Benji who is on Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom, R. Anthony (The Voice), Jason Dunn (Sony Music) from the band Hawk Nelson, Chris Buck Band (Royalty/Sony Music), Tommy Mac (Hedley), Dean Maher (ACDC, Slayer, Elton John), Paul Shatto (Chad Brownlee, The Higgins), Dani and Lizzy(604/Sony) Karen Lee Batten, Robyn and Ryleigh (Royalty Records/Sony Music), and many more. 

He is also a two time BCCMA award winner and a final ballot 'Guitar Player of the Year' Nominee, and has played many large festivals,  clubs, theatres, and arenas across the country, done many Radio/TV performances, and opened for artists such as, Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, Randy Houser, Sam Hunt, High Valley, and many more. He is also endorsed by Prestige Guitars and Mission Engineering.

Available for any type of international/national touring, fly dates, or one off shows.

Available for  Online Sessions. Can track high quality Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Bass Guitar tracks devlivered over WeTransfer or Dropbox. 

Fluent in many styles including Pop, Country, Rock, Funk,  R&B, Hip Hop,  and EDM.


Paul's Equipment


- Two Gibson Les Paul Customs

- Fender Broadcaster

- Two Fender Custom Telecasters

- 1970 Guild Acoustic

- Fender Strat

- Gibson Flying V

- Les Paul Standard



- PWE Event Horizon 3 50 Watt Head
-1968 Traynor YBA-1 
- 1990 Fender Twin Reverb
- EVH 5150 III HD
- Peavey 5150 Head
- 80s Marshall JCM 800 4x12 Cab
-5150 4x12 Cab
-Wizard 2x12 Cab

Abridged list of people Paul has worked with:

- Robert L. Smith (Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, David Gilmour, Glee, ect..)

- Dani and Lizzy (604 Records/ Sony Music)

- Robyn And Ryleigh (Royalty Records/Sony Music)

- Trinity Bradshaw

- Eric McCormack (Will and Grace, Law and Order)

- R Anthony (The Voice)

- Benji (Musical Freedom Records)

- Krystal Dos Santos

- Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

- Hugo Kafumbi

- Blood Diamonds (Universal)

- Sophia Danai (The Hastings Set)

- Jerrica Santos (Contestant on The Voice Singapore)

- Paul Shatto ( Chad Brownlee,The Higgins)

- Jason Dunn (Sony Music)

- Defy Recordings

- Dave Hartney

- TV Sitcom 'The Switch' (BBC, Out TV)

- Paul Filek (Canadian Idol Contestant) 

- Chris Buck Band (Two Canadian Country Top 40 singles)

- Kieran Strange

- Dean Maher (ACDC, Elton John, Slayer, ect..)

- Logan Jones

- SoundBetter Inc.

- Michelle Schultz

- The Heels

- Tommy Mac from Hedley (Universal)

- Ajaye Jardine

- Cash Crawford (Canadian Idol semi-finalist)

- Karen Lee Batten (Canadian Idol semi finalist, five time Female Vocalist of the Year winner)


Pedals & Miscellaneous Gear​

- Two Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Simulators

- Shure Wireless System

- Line 6 M13

- Xotic FX AC Booster

- Xotic FX SP Compressor

- Xotic FX EP Booster

- Ibanez TS9

- Mission Engineering VM-Pro

- Eventide TimeFactor

- Dunlop Crybaby

- ARC Klone V2

Plus many more..

Studio Demo Reel:

Paul Kinman | Session Guitarist


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Paul Kinman | Session Guitarist

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