Sessions and Orchestras

Well, the last couple weeks have been pretty eventful! I had the pleasure of working with producer Robert L Smith from on a Bollywood song! Robert's discography reads much like a who's who of the music business of the last twenty plus years with clients like, David Bowie, Fall Out Boy, Glee, Aerosmith, U2, Mariah Cary, Lady Gaga and many more! it was a pleasure working with Robert, we finished the song up quickly and it sounds great, can't wait for some more sessions in the near future!

To add to that, this week I was asked by the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra to play with them for a concert in Vancouver. The Metropolitan Orchestra is a very prestigious orchestra , so it was an honor to have them ask me on board. Also, we had conductor Ken Hsieh who is a very well respected conductor who has multiple orchestras around the world. Check out links to both the VMO and Ken below!

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