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Recently, due to a referral from Shachar, the CEO of, I was given the opportunity to write a few articles for the guitar gear site, Equipboard. Equipboard is a very popular site that shows people what gear famous guitar players use, and lately they have been expanding by picking professional musicians to write articles on different types of gear. I had the pleasure of writing articles on:

Clean Boosts


Vibrato Pedals

Octave Pedals

My favorite part about writing these articles, other then getting to talk about these different types of effects and the many ways that they can be used, was to get to rep some of my favorite pieces of gear and gear companies.

Anyone who knows me professionally knows how much I love Xotic FX. I use their pedals constantly and they showed up twice in the clean boost article. Other companies of note were Line 6, for their M-series pedals; I have used an M13 religiously since I was in grade twelve, Empress, and Diamond pedals, though all the companies mentioned in these articles made some fantastic pieces of gear.

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