Eric McCormack cancer benifit concerts raise over 60,000 Dollars for Prostate Cancer Canada

Early this August, I got to play a two night cancer benefit show backing up famed actor Eric McCormack. Eric is well known for playing Will in the sitcom Will and Grace, as well as an assortment of roles in Family Guy, American Dad, Law &Order, and many others.

Among the highlights of doing these shows was getting to work with the other musicians in Eric's band, who were, Loren Gold from The Who, Tyler Stewart from the Barenaked Ladies, Stephanie Glegg, and Murray Foster from Great Big Sea.It was surreal playing a song by The Who with a member of The Who, and playing a song by The Barenaked Ladies, with a member of the Barenaked Ladies.

On top of that, getting to perform with Eric was a great experience. The man is a true entertainer, and the show, which more resembled something on Broadway, with a ton of comedy and stories in between songs, was amazing to watch, let a lone be a part of.

To top it all off, I recently found out that the two shows raised over 60,000 dollars for Prostate Cancer Canada.

I am really happy and humbled to have gotten to work with Eric, his team, and his band on these shows, and really glad that we were able to do something positive for a strong cause.

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